Wireless Coverage solution in Scenic Spots

2018-09-08 16:29:00
Brief Introduction

As the popularity of mobile phone, PC, pad, more and more scenic spot ask for high speed wireless internet access to attract more tourists. Therefore, this scheme provides a complete set of wireless coverage solution for scenic spots, to improve the online experience.

Requirement Analysis

1、The scenic spot with features of large size, geography and climate complex, common router can’t install it to provide stable performance.

2、The traditional wireless coverage is 2.4GHz only, low data rate, limited users, then high Wi-Fi Interface and no roaming, bring very bad internet experience to users. The new dual band high power models with stable wireless signal meet with this requirement.

3、The traditional wireless solutions focus on basic wireless coverage, no advertisement or advertisement with help of third parties, increased the wireless coverage cost.

4、The traditional wireless solution provide wireless internet access only, very less intelligent applications.

Gigabit High Speed Internet

Use L2 Gigabit PoE Switch, with Gigabit Up-Link, ensure high-speed data transmission, provide faster Internet access

User and Data Isolation to Ensure Network Secure

Support VLAN, staff and tourists access into separately networking as network isolation and user isolation, even configure the flow control to users, provide a safe and smooth wireless network.

Full Wi-Fi Coverage with Seamless Roaming

Adopt AC Controller (Authentication Gateway) + Wireless Access Point,  provide seamless wireless coverage for scenic spot, staff and tourists can enjoy their real time entertainment or office working freely even they are moving between different wireless access point coverage.

Centralized Configuration and Management

AC Controller (Authentication gateway) automatically to detect all the connected wireless access points, distribute IP address for each wireless AP, zero configure SSID, password, channel, VLAN, RF power in a single PC, easy to achieve the installation and management.

Remote Maintenance

AC Controller (Authentication Gateway) access into cloud server, then administrator can access into cloud server and login AC controller’s web interface to do the management and maintenance at any time and any place, simple and cost saving.

Device List

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